Kate Henderson

Kate finally gave in to the persistent nagging from friends to go to a yoga class in 2013.  Hooked by the end of that first class with Rosina Bonsu, one class a week quickly turned into two a week, then three a week – and in the morning!  From reluctant yogi to one with a regular ashtanga practice, the benefits continue to unfold day by day, and year by year, and are a constant and wonderful surprise.

Kate’s main teacher was Rosina Bonsu, alongside Kia Naddermier, Radha Warrell and Pierre Seghir, Laura Gonzalez, and Sue Crow.  She graduated from the teacher training course at Merchant City Yoga in 2019, where Judi, Rose Ann and Alanna (alongside all of the team at MCY) have taught, supported and inspired her on her teacher’s journey.

In 2020 Kate completed her Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga teacher training with Liz Oppedijk at Accessible Chair Yoga and now teaches online, and live for staff groups, at events, and in day care and community venues.