September 2013 Update

Wow, so much can happen in a month!

A wonderful course with Kia Naddermier in Stockholm consolidated my 5 beautiful weeks in Crete. I am already recruiting for movers to come to Yoga Plus next year. I am happy to negotiate a deal if I can get 6+ people to commit. June is the target as it is not too hot – hands up all who would consider it please. I will come with you, can’t let you have all the fun! We must also get Kia to us. She is amazing and the clarity that she brings is inspirational. Louise Pirie was my partner in crime for these jaunts so please ask either of us for more info and stories.

Classes started and continue well. All classes are running and it has been lovely to welcome regular and new faces. Breathing Bones had a full uptake. My thanks to those who have introduced new people and I appreciate all your efforts in spreading the programme by word of mouth, as the numbers continue to build.

Gratitude to the Sunday movers for a magical workshop that found us making new discoveries and connections in our Yoga practice and revelations about the effect of the psoas in the Breathing Bones work.

Classes have resumed at Reid Kerr College, now west College Scotland following its amalgamation with Clydebank College and James Watt College, Greenock. Fabulous students and a hive of energy and activity greet me on 2 mornings a week.

Culture has been back on the map with performances of Tiger- Barrowland Ballet, Between Atoms and the Stars – Steve Slater at The Arches, The Great Beauty – GFT, and Ankur’s Ha-Ha at the Citz!!! Saw the Gurdwara and the Madrasa on Doors Open Day too. None disappointed.

Still to come the cherry on the September cake a weekend workshop with John Scott in Paris, yippee.

See you all in October