Outstanding Women of Scotland

some thoughts on being inducted into the Saltire Society’s “Outstanding Women of Scotland” hall of fame in March 2017.

Having not prepared a speech as I didn’t quite believe I was receiving an award I realised on the way home I should have said this… I could have said that… I would have said… and so on and so on!

So here is the speech I didn’t prepare!

“I am amazed and humbled to receive a Saltire Outstanding Women of Scotland 2017 Award. Now the reality has sunk in I have become aware that it is a testament to the many incredible and supportive women who have held me and helped me on my way. 

I can start with my mother, this truly extraordinary ordinary woman who showered us all – family and wider community with unconditional love. 

The teachers – my primary school teachers, visionaries Miss Morley and Miss Harding who taught me the difference between success and failure by the time I was 10. It was the key to my gaining entrance at The Place as a 21 year old having done no dance training! It sustained me through my time there and the beginning of my life in dance. 

I had done was teacher training with another pair of inspirational women Mary Wilkinson and Joan White. They nurtured me through 3 years of college and supported my desire to work creatively. 

Jane Dudley at the Place; Pam Howard school; Anne Baird; Scottish Ballet; Elizabeth Mackay, Wellfield Nursery; Helen Bryce, Renfrewshire Dance Project; Kia Naddermier…the list is long so I will stop but not before mentioning Sheila McCubbin and all my wonderful women friends and my yoga family Radha, Dinke, you know who you are! 

As the saying goes – I am standing on the shoulders of Giants…they prepared the way and I am eternally grateful.”

Many thanks for all the messages, texts and congratulations, I truly appreciate the positive feedback.