moving through October


We can really feel a change in the weather now: colder, damper and darker, as we make our way through October. But remember yoga is here to give you what you need, whether that is energy to keep you active, healthy and warm during your week, or a restorative breathing space to recover.  Sometimes, we even do both, dynamic postures to get the blood flowing followed by a long, delicious relaxation. Why don’t you try that with us this week?

All our regular classes are up and running, online and in our warm and safe room at the Arlington Baths, mornings, lunchtime and evenings. You can chose from led class, mysore, building blocks, chair yoga or the gorgeous aerobics with soul – we cannot promise you relaxation on this one, but you will sure be energised!  Online or in-person we look forward to seeing you soon  Book your Classes