March Update

I am delighted to see Yvonne McLean my friend and colleague returning after having maternity leave following the birth of her fourth son. She looks amazing (not old enough to have children never mind 4!) and it will be a bonus to work alongside her with the students. Congratulations also to the students and Ian West on the magnificent performance at Go Dance.

The storyteller Jean Edmiston and I are planning to work on our piece Hidden Sources as a performance piece for and with young children. Our fingers are crossed as we wait to hear whether the macrobert will offer us a residency to develop our ideas.

As I plan my return to Stockholm for another Yoga and Breathing Bones course I want to congratulate my friends and colleagues Ilias and Rebecka who ended their year with life changing events – their first trip to Africa and meeting their daughter. They have adopted Rhea a baby girl from Ethiopia and I wish them all every happiness, Rhea has chosen her parents well and I look forward to spending time with them.

Me at Bara Yoga, Stockholm

I am full of anticipation for my return to Yoga Plus, Crete to deliver Breathing Bones for what will be my tenth year. It also gives me the opportunity to study with my teachers Radha and Pierre and develop and consolidate my Yoga practice, while enjoying the magical Cretan landscape and lifestyle. Will I ever unwrap the earworms learning Greek CD that I ordered?!