March 2016 update

It’s all been a bit of a blur…classes are going very well with a lovely growing community of practitioners and the marvel of watching/witnessing confidence, surprise, delight as regular attendance reaps its reward. An unexpected jump through, shared pleasure as someone else is supported in drop backs, the headstand slowly consolidating, the dawning clarity of upward facing dog, a niggly shoulder, a stiff hip, an abdominal cramp – all signs of the maturing of the practice these are amazing rewards.

The Sunday workshop was full with a vibrant energy and many questions, comments and explanations exchanged. A tasty and nourishing lunch followed, created by Ali Sim, vegetarian chef. The photos below off the session by © Julia Bauer.

Ali built on the success by providing all the meals for Kia Naddermier’s Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama Intensive to much appreciation.

Kia’s amazing generosity, her quiet and gentle rigour inspired us all. Again we were motivated and encouraged by her interpretations of the Sutras embedding them into the asana practice. Kia has a capacity to demonstrate and clarify the essentials required whether in the breath work of the Pranayama or the physical demands of the Ashtanga practice.

The next Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama Intensive is 14 – 16 October please come and benefit from her willingness to share her substantial knowledge.

There will be 4 morning classes in the next programme April – June with Breathing Bones on Tuesday morning 08.15 – 09.30. Please spread the word. After all this time I still struggle to explain what it is! But 15 years of repeat invitations to Yoga Plus, Crete remind me that it works and the feedback validates my observations in the power it has to develop the body’s capacity to realise its potential.

I will be teaching at Yoga Plus July 9 – 22, session 5 and August 19 – 2 September session 8. My practitioners are being offered a 15% discount so please let them know you are my student and if you could let me know too I would appreciate that. This discount applies whenever you go but of course I look forward to seeing you there!

Enjoy the Easter break whether you are taking a little time off, finding alternatives or exploring other possibilities.