March 2014 Update

Well for once I have a valid reason for being late! Thank you Movers for your support, positive thoughts, healing hugs and energy transfer. I am benefiting from all of it. I continue to be well having had my second chemo and by the 28 April will be half way through the treatment, and I am currently rocking the bold, bald look.

Recent classes have been amazing. The regular classes have a loyal following that is challenging me to continue to reappraise my knowledge and explore the power of the practice. Monday 18.15 was full and the 19.30 Introduction to Yoga well attended. The numbers for the morning class is slowly growing and we are considering a third morning session. Thursday class numbers are stabilising and Breathing Bones is attracting new movers.

I had a fantastic time working with JoAnna Mendl Shaw on creative processes and developing choreography. I am so grateful to Creative Scotland for the funding and a number of dance friends for their presence which allowed me to develop my working practice.

We were able to show a documentary of JoAnna’s work: Håstdans på Hovdala at the CCA cinema.

Please check out JoAnna’s work with dancers, horses and autistic performers.

I went to Sophy Hoare’s weekend workshop run by Veronica Muir and as always came away inspired. Sophy is steeped in the Scaravelli form and offers another approach to practice, that I find allows for a soft, indirect path to the asana.
On the culture front, the extraordinary Jude Williams triumphed a powerful solo performance in Cryptic’s production of Orlando and I was charmed by the NTS production of The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart and the visual treat and stunning performances in The Grand Budapest Hotel.