Laura’s classes

A note on Laura’s classes:
Laura will be stepping down from her classes for a while, to take care of the studio, of herself (at this time of change and sadness) and of Rosina’s classes at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She is doing this only temporarily, to be able to serve all of you and the teachers in a way that is sustainable in the longer term.

You will also see her around in the studio as she continues to practice at the Arlington. She will return when things have settled down a little and studio processes are in place, hopefully around April and in time for the summer term.

Most of her classes will be covered and a few cancelled, with the space available for self-practice. Here’s a summary of what will happen:

Regular classes
Monday morning 7.45-9.30am Yoga Assisted Practice : Catherine (1st week of March: Self-practice)
Tuesday evening 6.30-8.30pm Yoga Assisted Practice : Sue (Kate 24 and 31 March)
Thursday morning 7.45-9.30am Yoga Assisted Practice : The space will be open every week for self-practice

Cancelled (space available for early self-practice entry)
Pranayama 25 February, 5-6.15pm
Pranayama 31 March, 5-6.15pm

Workshops: Laura WILL be teaching these!
She will be teaching the Introduction to Assisted Practice workshop on Friday 21 February (6-8pm) and assisting Kia in her March workshop (13-15 March).

Please feel free to ask us any questions you have around this or anything else concerning this period of transition.
RBM team