July 2014 Update

For April, May and June too!

Its been a while since I did an update and so much has happened but I will be brief!

It has been an amazing session. The numbers for the morning classes which I reported were growing mushroomed and took us all by surprise from May onwards. I witnessed many physical breakthroughs, confidence uplifts and the unmistakable power of Yoga and Breathing Bones as Movers committed to regular practice. It was a busy time on the cultural front and I squeezed in the fabulous The Libertine and the sharing of the artist residencies at The Citz, Scottish Dance Theatre and a couple of shows from Australian season at Tramway and lovely art work during Spring Fling all over Dumfries and Galloway – where I bought more stuff, arghhh. I look forward to going again next year – thanks Steve and Ben.

I went through to the Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh to see an exhibition of the work of the celebrated artist and filmmaker Norman McLaren – stunning. Do check him out on you tube The sudden and unexpected death of Martin Singleton saddened us all. He brought light and laughter and I feel very blessed I knew him. The third years at West College Scotland have flown the coup in a blaze of glory from a fantastic show, to getting accepted at prestigious schools in Scotland and beyond. This is year group with a bright future and I look forward to following their progress in the big dance and performance world. I had the pleasure of working as the choreographer with Sandy Thomson and her company Poorboy Ltd as we researched her play ‘Damned Rebel Bitches’. We all gathered in Mull and rehearsals took place at the Mull Theatre. It was a lovely experience enhanced by good weather and gorgeous food!

Got back from Mull and went with Louise (from the Yoga class) to the Sierra Nevada to study with Kia Naddermier. The course was a total joy. 20 generous people from Sweden and France, across a range of levels all focused on sharing and supporting each other as we worked on deepening our Yoga and Pranayama practice.

Tomorrow I go into the Western Infirmary for surgery and thank you dear Movers, my friends and family for supporting me through the cancer journey – nearly there. My thanks to Louise Brunjes, Lowen Clinic for the healing and wonderful massages. Can’t rate it highly enough – treat yourself. Off to Crete and Yoga Plus next week, then Stockholm all to further my own practice and bring back more challenges! I look forward to seeing you in September. Have a good summer.