January 2013 Update

Wow on time – hurrah!

The opening Sunday workshop was well attended with many familiar faces and a few new ones.

The new Vinyasa class on Wednesday morning is doing well and I can only encourage you to drop in and experience the flow and sequencing of one and quarter hours. Come and take the challenge!

Many thanks to movers who have introduced new people to the programme. I really appreciate you spreading the word as it has immediate and long lasting impact.

I am always grateful to the work of designer Brian Hartley, stillmotion, who has been busier than usual putting together a well received flyers for the regular programme and the intensive course. That zing of yellow has received rave reviews.

This weekend 1 – 3 February sees the Winter Intensive Yoga and Breathing Bones Course. Check out the times and prices under classes, click on the class title for information.

15 – 17 March David Dodd and I are offering a combination of Yoga, philosophy and Breathing Bones. Further details will be on the website soon.

Robert Howatt and Reighan Reilly are now touring in Hopscotch’s production of Tam o’Shanter, directed by yours truly. Great experience again, though the freezing cold of the studios was a draw back. On the upside there are brilliant views of the Riverside Museum and the surrounding hills.

Of course despite all my ducking and diving got another cold that was doing the rounds – am now fully recovered and enjoying life and classes.

You will be glad to know that this is the last time I will need to report on the bathroom. It is being finalised this week and apart from fully functioning it is a beautiful space with as Murdo, 9 years old put it the coolest bath. Once the last mirror has gone up and lights are operational I shall be having a long overdue soak – hmm.