February 2014 Update

Wow it has been some month!  The Sunday workshop in February and yesterday have been magical.

I am so looking forward to starting work with JoAnna Mendl Shaw on creative processes and developing choreography.  Below is a link to the work she was invited to make with a group of autistic people and horses in Sweden, last autumn and she will create a new piece in April.  I am grabbing her while she is on route.  Fingers crossed that cca, Sauciehall street will screen the film of the making and performance of her piece Håstdans på Hovdala,  dancers, horses and autistic performers.

Below is a  clip so check it out, then come to the screening!


Adura Onashie is on tour to India with the piece HeLa.  She has an exciting year ahead with tours to the Caribbean and Brazil.  Congratulations Adura.

Just made it to Tramway to see the work of Siobhan Davies – totally inspiring, with engaging performers at the height of their skills.  It is so powerful to see artists making work, taking risks and communicating directly with the audience.  Shame about how a Tramway staff member threw us out at the end, felt like being at the mercy of the school janitor!

The results of the Artists Residency at the Citizen’s is fabulous.. The work of Greg Sinclair and Sarah Amy Fishlock is in the foyer and I want to go and have another look and listen.

The Vocal Performers at the Royal Conservatoire have been joining me in the fun of learning and doing early, Renaissance Dance and the Waltz.  Yes I have put it in capitals – it deserves it for being so challenging.

Had a beautiful weekend in Dunoon with friends that I did the Yoga teacher training course with now 5 years ago.  How did all that time pass?! We had great weather, walked in Kilmun arboretum and shared a lovely yoga practice.