December Update

December Update

So now after all my best efforts I am late again!  This time I was nearly there having scribbled it down on the back of an envelope but in a frenzy of cleaning managed to tear it up and throw it away.

The good news is that I have more news!

Classes start again this week with a fuller programme of intensive courses in addition to the Sunday workshops.

1 – 3 February I kick off, with deepening and developing Yoga and Breathing Bones.

15 – 17 March David Dodd is offering a combination of philosophy and anatomy.

In April/May Durga Devi will return and add meditation to the programme.

14 -16 June please, please, please free up your schedule to take Pranayama and Yoga with Kia Naddiermeir, Mysore Yoga Paris.  Just let me be clear – this is not to be missed.

The Scottish Ballet Family Insight Day at the Theatre Royal was totally made by the fabulous dancers who came to talk to us at the end of the session.  They were personable, informed, articulate, funny and a joy to meet.  Thank you Brenda and Jameel.

I had a lovely end of year celebrating Christmas with Durga Devi in Amsterdam, spending time with family in London and New Year with friends in Glasgow.

Unfortunately have been spending the last few days with a cold but am over the worst and deliriously happy as the bath has finally been plumbed in and the hall is empty.

Right2Dance had a fabulous end of year show at Paisley Town Hall.  I can’t believe that they are celebrating 40 years this year, so I am sure I will be meeting lots of faces associate with this amazing programme that has been in different guises responsible for the development of a significant number of professional dance artists

Reid Kerr College students excelled themselves and the work in progress event exceeded expectations.  These students are promising and growing right in front of our eyes.  Very encouraging to feel part of the next generation of dance artists.

As always am full of admiration for the students at the Conservatoire who have truly committed to the physical work and made unbelievable progress – what a delight and a privilege to work with them.

How lovely to again be directing Tam O’Shanter for Hopscotch Theatre, with two new performers. Will update you as I go.

RBM Christmas 2012