Coming up in November

looking up at the huge ceiling windows of the Reading Room in the Arlington Baths. The windows show the reflections of the people lying in savasana underneath

As the nights and mornings get a little darker a reminder that we still have some classes online for those of you a little further away, or who just fancy practicing from the comfort of home: Ashtanga Yoga on Monday mornings; Chair Yoga in the afternoon, and Catherine’s Yin Yoga class is both Online and Live, every second Thursday.

Online suits some of you we know, but if you can join us Live in the Arlington you get the added reward of finishing class as the day has brightened, and with luck crisp Autumn blue skies.  In the evening of course you get an extra special savasana in the cosiness and warmth of the Reading Room.  Our photo this month is from a Breathing Bones class, looking up at the reflections in the huge ceiling windows in the Reading Room, with the heating on this is the most comfy place on a rainy evening.

Morning mysore / supported self practice classes on 16th and 18th November

Kat has been accepted on to Kia Naddermier’s Ashtanga & Pranayama In-depth Development Training which runs from November 2023 – November 2024.

The course involves some long weekends in Paris (poor Kat!) and the first one is coming up this month. If you come to Kat’s classes you’ll have the chance to soak up new learning from her when she gets back and in the year to come.

Luckily for us we have Catherine to cover. Catherine teaches her regular Yoga Building Blocks class on Thursday evenings and this really is a rare chance to get one-to-one teaching with her in a mysore / self practice setting. She has a wealth of knowledge to share from her own practice, and from studies with many senior ashtanga yoga teachers. Have a look at her bio on the website.

🎉 Aerobics With Soul has a new time : 6.15pm – 7.30pm on Mondays

Don’t get caught out, from Monday 6th November Salma‘s class will start just a little later than before.