Breathing Bones

Dear Movers (to keep Rosina’s tradition),

We are all so saddened by the news of Rosina’s passing. We have found real strength in the community she built. We practiced this morning, lunchtime and afternoon (3rd February) and will continue with all yoga classes as she asked us to.

We are very mindful that teaching Breathing Bones is not within our skill set at the moment. This was a true Rosina gift, unique and so so beautiful as well as effective. We want, however, to offer a space for those of you who attended Breathing Bones to gather. You are very welcome to attend any of the self-practice classes on Monday 7,45am and 6pm, Tuesday 6.30pm, Thursday and Friday 7.45am and come and do a Breathing Bones practice which teachers will help you guide as best as possible. It won’t be the same, we know, but you will be held with us at this moment of change. Self-practice is an open space where people do their own practice guided one-to-one by a teacher so we can fit in what Rosina called the Breathing Bones classics (the twists) easily.

All cards and arrangements, needless to say, will be valid. We are very sorry we cannot fit Breathing Bones into the programme at present, but when the time is right, we will get together and see what we can do to develop this gem Rosina created.

Sending you love, light and strength,

The Rosina Bonsu Moves teaching team x
(Kate, Sue, Catherine and Laura)