Autumn 2018 update

Despite all my best intentions I am only now finding the time to write and update the news. So much is happening I am busy doing and not writing!

The Arlington Baths reading room space continues to be upgraded providing a fabulous space for practice, classes, workshops and intensives.  It is wonderful to have a warm, light, clean space that allows the mind and body to focus.  Thank you Andrew and the staff at the baths.

The weekly programme is full on with Ashtanga yoga assisted self practice now 4 times a week (Monday, Tuesday evenings and Thursday, Friday mornings), 2 guided Ashtanga classes, 2 Building Block classes and 2 Breathing Bones classes, on a weekly basis.

We have created short courses on Friday to provide even more, from pranayama to yin yoga, please see the website.  In addition there is the Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama Intensive with Kia Naddermier (fully booked) and A Weekend of Yoga Practice with Radha and Pierre in November.

The start of the season has been slow due mostly to my difficulties with the mailing list!  Please give us permission to put you on the mailing list for future mail outs.

It feels great to be back and I look forward to seeing more of you over the season.

There has been a lovely introduction of new people by existing practitioners and class attendees, my appreciation for that and my thanks for your continued support

Thought of the month

However beautifully we carry out an asana, however flexible our body may be, if we do not achieve the integration of body, breath, and mind we can hardly call it yoga. What is yoga after all? It is something that we experience inside, deep within our being…We do it only for ourselves. We are both observer and what is observed at the same time. If we do not pay attention to our selves in our practice, then we cannot call it yoga.

T.K.V. Desikachar