As the world returns …

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In the world we imagined back in January, our programme was due to pause for the summer in mid-June. As it is, we had to stop mid-March, rather unexpectedly. Now, when we were due to take our summer break, it is likely that Scotland will begin to open up.

Although  we still miss you very much, this year more than ever it is important that we do take this break, to take time to adapt to possible new ways of working, and also taking a breather for ourselves. Lockdown has not been a holiday!

It is likely we will return by the beginning of September, with a new mixed programme, some online classes and live classes at the Arlington. We are also going to put in place a booking system to ensure we can monitor the number of people in class and keep you all very safe as we support you in your yoga journey. We hope to unveil these plans in August so stay tuned!

In the meantime, we are hoping you are taking care of yourselves and you continue to do so as we emerge from this confined period.

We have collected a few new resources for you below.  If you want or need anything in particular, or have questions about your practice (as a few of you have done), please keep in touch. We are still here for you.


The RBM team xxx


Online Offerings
Free online self-practice with us

To stay connected, we have been meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.45 on Zoom. We must say that, although it is not the same, it is much better than it might sound! Seeing each other (12/13 a session) has been joyous, strengthening and helps to keep us all happy! The power of the community! Each person practices something different: yoga or breathing bones, meditation, stretching … The idea is to be together and, if you have time, to stay for a cuppa, for a catch up, for questions and chat afterwards, around 9.45 – 10am. This is what Rosina used to call coffeeasana!  If you want to join us, please email us back and we will send you the link. We can also send you yoga cheat sheets (to remind you of the Primary Series sequence).

Led classes

Maureen‘s led yoga classes, in the mornings and evenings are going very well and are a total joy. If you want to join any of these sessions please email us back and we will send you the details.

Judi, from Merchant City Yoga, has also been running a full led primary online on Sundays and a half primary of Tuesdays. You can access these classes on a sliding scale basis. You will see a few of us there. They are really wonderful!


Stillpoints podcastWe have greatly enjoyed listening to Scott Johnson’s conversations with dedicated Ashtanga practitioners in his Stillpoint Podcast. There is a lot of variety in approaches and themes, as well as comforting similarities. I really enjoying hearing how Joey Miles almost escaped with a circus, or Deepika Methta’s dance background, or Wambui Njuguna-Räisänen’s race concerns (something Rosina was also keenly aware of). Scott comes to Glasgow regularly to teach too!



Breath The New Science of a Lost Art

James Nestor’s new book on Breath highlights the importance of breathing well for our general physical and mental health. It shows, through Western science and Eastern thought, how breath nourishes many of our systems. It does not solely have a yoga focus, and shows different approaches to breathing, although the yogic breath is seen as one of the most accomplished in achieving and healthy body and a clear mind. Breath books tend to be overly technical but this one is very accessible and at times funny!







Mysore Yoga Paris

Kia’s podcast has new episodes! There is a new, gorgeous soundscape especially recorded through her online classes. A few of us have used it on our self-practice sessions and it offer beautiful support, allowing us to relax and to focus on the breath. If you want to receive her inspiration directly, sign up to her newsletter here.

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