Yin Yoga Evening with Fi Shepherd

18.00 – 19.30

£25/£23 Arlington members, concessions

Booking essential

A deeply restorative session easing out tension both in the body and mind.

Fi Shepherd offers a gorgeous candlelit restorative yoga session, taking the attention within, allowing the body to gently stretch and the mind to come to stillness.  Yin yoga works deep into the joints and tissues by holding postures for a few minutes so that the muscles can relax.  As the muscles relax, allowing the mind to switch off the internal chatter, the focus becomes the breath, releasing and melting your body into the pauses between the breaths.

Fi is a 500hr Seasonal Yoga Teacher, Yoga therapist and Life Coach.  After practising yoga on and off for over 20 years Fi decided to undertake a yoga teacher training to develop her own yoga practice further and to bring much needed calmness into her life.  The training proved to be life changing and Fi decided to give up working in the corporate sector so that she could share her passion for yoga and help others find the same calmness she has found.  Undertaking further yoga teacher training, NPL practitioner training and qualifying as a yoga therapist have allowed Fi to establish her own business and create her ideal work/life balance.

‘We live such busy and stressful lives, always on the go and always switched on.  Whether it’s work life or home life we rarely take the time to properly relax and switch off… I decided I wanted to specialise in the therapeutic aspects of yoga, helping people to find stillness and calm their busy minds, in ways that fit in with their busy lives.’