Step into Spring

Image from Mysore Yoga Paris Image from Mysore Yoga Paris

Step into Spring: Wednesday 15– Sunday 19 March 2023

In mid March, as the days lengthen, buds begin to appear on trees and the sun warms our skin, we offer you a special programme to step into spring with joy, awareness and care. Join us for our fabulous array of special classes and workshops.

If you want to join more than 3 classes, contact us and we will offer you a special price, depending on your needs and circumstances.

All classes are open to complete beginners (apart from perhaps the Saturday afternoon workshop of the series of Ashtanga Yoga, which might be too much of you have never done yoga) and are LIVE at the Arlington Baths.


Wednesday 15th March

18:00-19:30 – Breathing Bones with Kat: A special longer class of YMG’s favourite practice. BOOK

Thursday 16th March

17:00-18:00pm – Chanting the Gayatri Mantra with Laura: A rare opportuity to learn the most loved mantra. Learn the words, the pronunciation, the meaning and the rhythm of this beautiful chant and feel the full energetic benefits of Sanskrit chanting. You will feel amazing! This class is suitable for everyone and no need of Sankrit is required. BOOK

Friday 17th March

18:00-20:30 – Philosophy, satsang, pranayama and chanting with Laura: Have you ever wondered what Ashtanga means and what, according to the ancient yoga sutras, you are meant to practice on your mat? Join Laura for an exploration of the 8-limbed method, and an opportunity to ask any questions about yoga. We will finish the evening with genle chanting and pranayama to allow for good sleep and rest. This will reset the intentions and purpose of your practice and offer you practical tools to go deeper on and off your mat. BOOK

Saturday 18 March

09:00am-10:45 – Yoga (Mysore) with Laura: Join our regular Mysore class for a beautiful practice that will see you start the weekend in the best way. If you are new, Laura will welcome you, explain the principles of Mysore and individually lead you through a sequence you can practice any time. BOOK

11:00-12:30 – Special Aerobics with soul with Salma: Pure joy in movement with wonderful music. And a little longer than usual so you can release, laugh, stretch and dance. What’s not to like? BOOK

14:30-17:00pm –  The series of ashtanga yoga (practical workshop) with Laura: Ever wondered how and why Ashtanga yoga is set in three series? Do you want to know what each series covers and why? Join this practical workshop where elements of primary, intermediate and advanced series will be explored in a safe way, with modifications. This will be an opportunity to understand the principles behind the poses which translate across the series, deepening the intention behind each sequence. Your practice will never be the same! The workshop is suitable for people with some understand of yoga, beginners to Ashtanga, but might be too much for complete beginners to yoga. BOOK

Sunday 19 March

11:00-12:30 – Beginners ashtanga yoga with Kate: Kate will take you safely through the principles of Ashtanga Yoga’s primary series. This workshop is perfect for complete beginners, those curious about yoga and those wanted to make positive changes to their health and wellbeing. Kate will finish with a gorgeous relaxation too! BOOK

14:00-15:00 – LIVE! Chair yoga with Kate: A very rare opportunity to join a live class. You don’t even have to bring the chair! Come and move while you seat, enhancing your body’s structural health whicle having fun. BOOK

15:00-16:00 – Restorative yoga with Jan: This is the best treat of the programme! Jan will leads us through a short pranayama, a guided meditation, a sequence of restorative yoga poses using props to help to release blockages in the heart are and a yoga nidra relaxation. After this, you will definitely feel ready for Spring! This class is suitable for all levels and our Breathing Bones regulars will love it!  BOOK