Meditation Explorations

​During these sessions you will be introduced to different Mindfulness and Meditation techniques that we will explore during each session. The Zen approach of mindfulness and meditation in stillness and movement will help you to build your own mediation practice and will show you how you can use this approach in your daily activities too and not only during your ‘formal’ meditation period. You will also have the opportunity to sit with other fellows meditators even through zoom which is hugely beneficial: the sense of community that we experience when we sit together nurture our practice as we support one another. We will finish every session with a little discussion where you will have the opportunity to share your experience with the group if you wish or discuss any doubts you might have about your practice or the techniques with Patricia.

Some feedback Patricia has received about her sessions

‘Patricia’s mindfulness classes have helped me to establish a regular daily routine of meditation and this has really benefitted my well-being and reduced my stress. It is so useful to discuss the practice with other course participants and to draw on Patricia’s expertise. The practices are varied and you can learn a wide range of techniques in quite a short space of time.’

Tom S