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Kia Naddermier adjusting a student, with a hand on his back, in a mysore class


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3-day Intensive with KIA NADDERMIER 

Glasgow, April 14-16th 2023 


Book before 31 January for early bird prices.

BOOK THE BOUNDLESS WISDOM OF HEART (5 sessions + 2 brunches) £225 / £268

Times might change slightly. We recommend you take the whole weekend off to enjoy and rest, but if you have any time restrictions please let us know.

Friday 7-9.30 // 18-19.45

Saturday 9.30-12.30 // Brunch // 14-16

Sunday 10-12.30 // Brunch


Cancellation policy: You can get a full refund if you cancel before 14 February. We cannot offer refunds after this date due to travel and accommodation costs.

Kia integrates the philosophy & practice of Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style with traditional Pranayama, Kriyas and Buddhist Mindfulness meditation. Being a devoted practitioner in both Yogic and Buddhist traditions she draws heavily from both streams of wisdom. During the workshop we immerse ourselves into these somatic practices and teachings to cultivate an understanding of yoga as a whole, involving all aspects – body, breath and heart-mind. We journey deep within the wilderness of our own embodiment to grow a practice intimately rooted in our lived experience in the relational world. 

This entrustment to the home ground of our own body and breath creates a deep sense of belonging and compassion that reaches far beyond our yoga mat.

“The practice of yoga is not about transcending our physical embodiment, but about becoming truly intimate with every facet of this multi-dimensional universe that we inhabit.”

Kia Naddermier


Ashtanga Yoga Master Class – Practice, Principles & Philosophy

Friday Morning (2h30)

Kia will share insights for developing a deeper understanding of Ashtanga Yoga as a practice for our entire being – body, breath and heart-mind. We journey through key elements with a non-dogmatic, creative and explorative mindset.  Again, and again we return to the breath as our guide for aligning, balancing, and liberating our relationship to ground, gravity and space. This boundless connection to all layers of our embodiment allows us to release rigidity and agenda, and instead hold space for the mystery of our practice to unfold with compassion and wonder.

This profoundly comprehensive session will open new dimensions in our practice that we will continue to explore and deepen in the Mysore sessions that follows.

Shanti Path, Meditation & Held Mysore Practice

Saturday & Sunday morning (one group)

We open our morning with traditional Peace Prayer and a guided meditation to align body, breath, heart and mind. Kia will then guide us through the first postures to set a common intention, before continuing into self practice at our own rhythm.

These sessions allow for your personal practice process to unfold, while receiving individual guidance from Kia to further deepen your experience. With a sincere dedication to the growth and development of each of her students, she offers an inclusive, safe and inspiring space supportive of personal exploration and inquiry.

All levels welcome but you need to be able to practice Mysore Style Self-Practice.

Philosophy & Pranayama

Friday evening (1h45)

Drawing from traditional Yogic and Buddhist teachings, Kia shares reflections and insights, and guides us through classical Pranayamas in the lineage of Kaivalyadham. We deepen our appreciation for the subtleties of breath and its significance in yogic practices and philosophy.

New students will be mindfully introduced to classical Pranayama & Kriyas, whilst those with more experience refine and expand their practice and understanding.

Pranayama & Satsang

Saturday afternoon (ca 2h)

Satsang means exploring truth – Sat in the gathering of ones spiritual community, Sangha. This last session of our workshop, Kia guides us through a healing pranayama practice, and offers space for Satsang – discussion and inquiries around the practice and philosophy of yoga.


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