Postponed: Intermediate Series Clinic with Sue Crow

18.00 – 20.00

£25/£23 Arlington members, concessions. Booking required.

In this workshop the core postures of the Intermediate Series, Nadi Shodana of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system will be deconstructed.

We will explore the principles of movement within this framework of postures, Asana, that comprise the intermediate series, primarily opening and lengthening the muscles and tissues of the front of the body, strengthening the muscles and tissues of the back of the body.  This will support the investigation of external hip rotation and help to create a strong foundation for inversions and deepening twists.

In addition to the physical expression of the poses we will also observe the subtler emotional and energetic aspects as well as breath, bandhas, internal energetic seals, and  dristi,  point of focus, to ensure we remain stable and grounded.

Practising the Intermediate Series works deeply on our nervous system, this can be an intense experience.  The intermediate practice is best developed from an established Primary Series practice, that provides detoxification and alignment, o allow the full enjoyment, benefits and challenges of this workshop.